WhatWe Do

Ultimate catering experience like no other
Radcliffe Catering is an all-encompassing catering company that specializes in bringing premium food to the businesses of Columbus and surrounding areas.  We focus on providing lunch service that offers a variety of cuisines and seasonal menus.  We want to be your one stop shop for all of your catering needs.



We combine old world and modernist techniques to create food that is unmatched.  Using state-of-the-art ovens and sous vide techniques, our chefs cook with precision maximizing juiciness, tenderness and flavor.  We bake our breads daily and make just about everything in-house.  Radcliffe Catering is dedicated to using fresh, seasonal, and local ingredients.



Radcliffe catering provides exemplary service with an attention to detail and drive to go above and beyond.  We partner with each client to deliver the ultimate culinary experience.  We strive for excellence in each and every meal we serve.



Radcliffe Catering is a chef-driven catering company with a focus on the freshest, seasonal and local ingredients.  Our menus showcase the many talents of our chefs who excel in a variety of cooking styles such as Italian, French, Asian, Mexican, and American BBQ.  With phenominal pastry chefs and bread bakers, there is nothing we can’t achieve.  Founder Matt Radcliffe and Executive Chef Matt Hite are home grown chefs who have come together to feed the people of the city they love.

Matt Radcliffe-  Chef/ Event Coordinator

Matt first stepped into a professional kitchen at 14 and knew he had found his calling.  After graduating from the University of Arizona with a degree in business, he decided to further his culinary passion by enrolling in Scottsdale Culinary Institute Le Cordon Bleu.  Upon graduation, Matt secured an externship at the famed Las Vegas restaurant Picasso under world renown chef, Julian Serrano.  After cutting his teeth in fine dining restaurants, Matt opened a string of fast casual restaurants that lead to his desire to offer high quality catering to the business men and women of Columbus.

Matt Hite-  Executive Chef

Matt Hite was introduced to cooking at a very early age by his grandmother who taught him the importance of technique and quality ingredients.  At age age 5, he was learning to make fresh breads and pastas and as he grew older so did his culinary prowess and passion for the craft.  He began to hone skills working for some of the most famous and legendary restaurants around Columbus.  After becoming Chef at some of the best restaurants in town, he landed at Radcliffe Catering where we feel lucky to have a Chef of his caliber.